Teafilters Shinno

Diameter / Height
ø 10 cm / 10.5 cm

stainless steel


Contemporary designed all stainless-steel teafilters with wide opening and large volume. With smooth surface and micro-size filter-openings to allow a generous steeping and expanding of loose tea-leaves. Tea-leaves can fully release their essential oils and aromas into the tea. The teafilters have a new, patented removable stainless-steel bottom part for easy cleaning and flushing of loose tea-leaves after use. The stainless-steel cover with the engraved flower of life design keeps the tea hot during steeping. The reversed lid serves as drip tray after steeping.

NAME ART. NO. Flower of life Hight Φ
Tea filter for cups and mugs 2010 silver gray 10.5 cm 10 cm