Wine glasses Calix

Max. Capacity
0.5 liter / 17 fl .oz
0.4 liter / 14 fl .oz
0.07 liter / 2.4 fl .oz

mouth blown/machine made traditional workmanship

lead-free glass

water crystal
water crystal

The wine glass has the most unique and energetically active design of any wine glass on the market today, and is suitable for all kinds of wine. You will be truly amazed at the effect this glass has on your favourite wines. This delicate design can be recommended for the best wines, and even everyday wines are biologically enhanced in the crystalline structure of the liquid. Wine connoisseurs recommend the wine glass as a tasting glass as well. The wine glass is available in both mouth blown original pieces and machine made models. Either way, it is an extraordinary piece to drink from, hold, and admire.

NAME ART. NO. Capacity
Wine glass mouth blown with flower of life in white 4130 0.5 l / 17 fl .oz
White wine glass CALIX (mouth blown) with white flower of life 4430 0.4 l / 14 fl .oz
Shot-Grappa glass Set of 2 (mouth blown) 4500 0.07 l / 2.4 fl .oz